The Nearby Mosque

With the break of the dawn, Some melody makes it’s presence, The prayers of the holy man, Dips the whole town in a sweet essence, The daily first call  of azaan, From the green mosque nearby, Spoke their devotion with cries of Allah, Which made me flow by, But today no calls,no cries, Seems everything […]

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What Was My Fault?

I’m a bird; This morning I woke up with my life wrecked with my whacked nest, Everything got wasted, my love,my time and everything that I did invest, Was it a nightmare? Or a reality? If it was,then who did this cruelty? My eggs are broken down,my nest tattered lying on the ground, What was my […]

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World of Delusions

With another morning sun,has your mind awaken you, Never mind wherever your imagination has taken you, To some foreign lands,are your thoughts taking you, Before the time these clocks would be waking you…. Maybe to heaven,or to the hell,guesses I’m making few, Maybe enlightening you,no grumble,no rue, Or they’re warning you,your deeds might be due, […]

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Coming Soon

Coming soon… Is a world with no nicks ‘n’ bars, All the minds full of powers, Coming soon… Is a massive recognition to my flair, Elysium to the surface, right here, Coming soon… Demarcations ‘n’ disparities nowhere, A world where everyone gets care, Coming soon…. A world with no appetites ignored, A world with no […]

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How I write?

I’m clever when I put together every word, I spend my long hours when I put together every verse, Cause my poems mustn’t be in class of third, Scrutinize hundred times,a real poetic nerd, I jot some bunch of punch lines, ‘Fore they can flee any time, They gotta be circumscribed ‘n’ confined, My insights […]

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I’m a soldier; With a cool ‘n’ calm composure, Every single day makes me bold and bolder, I’m a soldier, Hundreds of bullets this chest had bore, To these traitors I swear I’ll be your eyesore, I’ll put my molotovs in your cocktails, Decimate your plans so that your leader fails, I’ma be the nails […]

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Seeing With My Eyes

Seeing with these eyes, Such an experience… Everymorning,it’s such a surprise, Everyday, surplus of Felicity gets another surpass, Seems so alluring…. Dewdrops on the grass, Snowcaps at Drass, Gardens of berries of rasps, The lingo of nature, me infallibly grasps, The fiesta of nature,my eyes traps, Chances to behold this Vista me grabs, The rainbows,from […]

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