In the smoke of blitz and dust of dynamite , In a nebulous and a dusky sight, Did I see a darkling figure, There was no sign of fear of guns or any quiver, Forth I saw a bulky cannon and a long gun, A helmet, soldier’s outfit and a rifle had the shadow done, […]



May your smile never fade, Throughout your life,may avenues offer their shade, May your life be a fantasy and you be the ‘Grinning Bonnie’, Thanks a lot for support favoured upon me, Twenty-four not out,seventy six to go… Let no one be left as a foe, May you be living so long, May your life […]

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The Coin 

I keep tossing the coin, And it keeps Fickling it’s face; Every moment I see a new visage,and I keep beholding with craze, It doesn’t happen when it has fallen to the land, Nor when I pick it and hold it up in my hand, But a zebra can never change it’s freckles, So does […]

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Life and Death

Life is an open casket,caressing you, Pushing you forth of all the hurdles harrasing you, Merely a marionette,is what a life is, Merely a stage,is what your world is, Merely a  iridescent shimmering spotlight,is what you can only see, Merely the curtain calls and encore,is what you hear, While death is a fatal day dream […]

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The Pearl Drops

The Pearl drops, straight from the elysium, Fall to the surface,like the godly bless, Sacralizes the soil,bless the poet’s figment, Quench the thirsts,drills down to the drying mire, Tranquilises the burn of all the zephyrs, Gushing breezes touch me,embrace my soul, The Pearl drops bring all the blossoms to the colossal cotillion, They gets all […]

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Time flies

#another_haiku_attept.. Time flies with no wings; You were born              yesterday,tomorrow is the holding, It’s the day for which you’ll be judged,after the departure. –ANUGRAH MISHRA (Please like and comment and I’ll be happy to read your suggestions or comments 😊)

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The Geriatric’s Torment

A Rhapsody of hinges’ creek, Is all to amuse a soul dark and bleek, Fixating out of the window,in hope of a hello, Why am I made to forbear this excruciating woe, This is William’s sixth age, Sans world,sans everything, Can’t even see the cajole world bypassing, Waiting for death while dying everyday, See my […]

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