A stabbed and a strangled heart,

Keep weeping in wilderness of willows,

Yearning the warmth of loving embraces,

May the flame keeps burrnin’,in the Savage storm of dark desperation,

When blackness has plundered all deliriums away,

An imbecile eccedentesiast,is all I am, I keep hurting myself,

Shall he still be ‘live?

When no sunshine Sparks solace,no showers bring hope,

Plethora of words get a scintilla of space to squeal their sorrow,

Unheard voices,keep echoing in the silence of  passionate yells,

Screamin’  little louder than roars in nebula,

Alexithymia does aggravate the anguish,

And am I loathin’ my reflections, and the infathomable depth in these black eyes?

Probably cause I’ve started to despise black, to detesting myself.

~Anugrah Mishra

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