The Geriatric’s Torment

A Rhapsody of hinges’ creek,

Is all to amuse a soul dark and bleek,
Fixating out of the window,in hope of a hello,

Why am I made to forbear this excruciating woe,
This is William’s sixth age,

Sans world,sans everything,

Can’t even see the cajole world bypassing,

Waiting for death while dying everyday,

See my eyes,full of tears of dismay,
My heart beats faster everytime it rains,

‘All is well’s to the heart do this mind feigns,
Pampered by panes,loved by none,

What’s the point of living a life with no frolic and fun,
My heart sinks in sorrow when I gaze those albums,

Asks me ‘Will they ever come?’
Son I regret giving birth to you,

One out of the things I got to rue

I’m selling my soul to dolefullness to get a handful of coins,

Pays a worthless check every job that do this wrinkled hand joins,
That would fetch me a square meal,every morsel is a  laurel,

It doesn’t matter for mouthful to be abominable,

Darlings left,left the darling to die,


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