Rabbit Race

You desire what you’re coerced to,not what you dream of,

You dream of what you’re made to,not what you believe in,
It’s the world full of lankies hitting rock bottom,
Some nillionaires with million dream, 

Some pockets with no pennies hounding a  heavy balance,

Trying to breakout the boulevard of broken dreams,
Says the world ‘Run rabbits run’  to this vie,
It’s a rabbit race you’ll either win or bear the stampede,
You’re on fire if you relapse,else you’ll set the world on fire,
The next time you fall off,you’ll be found hitting rope,

The tomes don’t weave the noose, the system does indeed,

It’s nobody’s fault,but the system got those who blubber,

But the seat warmer won’t turn the ear,needs to retain the command,

Why to holler aloud,when you know you won’t get a napkin,

Soon will this bring  the nation to catastrophic ruin,

Privilege someone,carry off  the other in cataclysmic torment.


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