I Rose Again

In the amidst of misprisions and dispairs,do I drown;
Dig me down,I’ll be rising ten feet above the ground;
I’m restless,can’t sit back and chill till I ain’t crowned;
Life’s too short,I can’t waste it just sitting around;

There’s lot more to achieve ‘n’ hunt like a hound;

If I’m on the turnpike,I’m a pitbull off my leash;
With all of my strength ready to harness ‘n’ unleash;
When I’ll pull,I’ma cross all the lines and crease;
My blood itches if I appease,
My legs cramp while I sit back for ease,
With all these moments that I do seize,
I feel pain in my knees,

Some cramps that continue to squeeze,
I do feel all my emotions that long back I did freeze,

So tell Baghdadi not to bother with making another bomb,

Cause I’m ready there to crush my whole world on my palm,

Need no firearms,nor any firebombs,

These hands are enough,I say without a qualm,

There’s a lot more ahead,

I’ll choose to go rather than die instead

I was down in dirt and I rose again,got to walk miles before I go to bed…


Copyright © 2017|All rights reserved

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