What Was My Fault?

I’m a bird;

This morning I woke up with my life wrecked with my whacked nest,

Everything got wasted, my love,my time and everything that I did invest,
Was it a nightmare? Or a reality?
If it was,then who did this cruelty?

My eggs are broken down,my nest tattered lying on the ground,

What was my fault?

Why am I crying loud,

Even when my tears have dried out?

I wonder from where  do I gather enough courage,

To get up back after I’m damned for nothing,by somebody’s rage?

How will I get my offsprings back,

After all my eggs by a storm  have been cracked?
But no,it wasn’t a storm,b’cause my feathers ain’t wet,
I can still fly and watch my people’s lives getting desolated,
Those creatures,those creatures are accountable for my world’s decimation,
I ask,what was my fault?
Why do I have to sit on wires when I had made a nest?

Oh,what was my fault?

Why do these creatures haunt us?
Why do they pierce our lives and crush?
I never dreamt of this misery…..
Never thought of my life to be burnt so ruthlessly,
Anybody there to tell what was my fault?

Copyright © 2017

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