Coming Soon

Coming soon…

Is a world with no nicks ‘n’ bars,

All the minds full of powers,

Coming soon…

Is a massive recognition to my flair,

Elysium to the surface, right here,

Coming soon…

Demarcations ‘n’ disparities nowhere,

A world where everyone gets care,

Coming soon….

A world with no appetites ignored,

A world with no one to be forlorned,

Coming soon…

A world with no abomination or hate,

A world with enough food on every plate,

Coming soon…

A world with no war and conflagration,

No receipients of pity,no detestation,

Coming soon…

A world with nobody mourning,

A world with exult in the shiny mornings,

Coming soon….

Hearts of us full of affinity,

Equality in status ‘mong us,same the dignity,

Coming soon…

–Anugrah Mishra

Copyright © 2017

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  1. My sentiment for sure. Well composed, a petty critique, in this line, (and I’d like to think a typo), “A world with enough food in every plate”, change the in to on, “A world with enough food on every plate”. With much respect,


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