How I write?

I’m clever when I put together every word,

    I spend my long hours when I put together every verse,

    Cause my poems mustn’t be in class of third,

    Scrutinize hundred times,a real poetic nerd,

    I jot some bunch of punch lines,

    ‘Fore they can flee any time,

    They gotta be circumscribed ‘n’ confined,
    My insights from this mind,

    Either medulla, or straight from the hind,

    I need my lines to perfectly rhyme,

    Then rhymes with some deep quotes I do combine,

    Keep on doing till my forbearance gets declined,
    Then for days these poems I do refine,

    The plight of soldier,I do vividly define,

    Or the beauty of nature divine,

    Only then forms a poetry that outshines…

    –Anugrah Mishra

    Copyright © 2017

    (Now you know,how hard I struggle,while I write,so please encourage me more by liking or commenting!By the way,this whole poem is completed in less than 2 hours:)


    7 thoughts on “How I write?

    1. Hi, Anugrah! How are you? Your writing is awesome! And never think it doesn’t matter cause it does! Those who scrutinize are fools! Write it from your heart, your truths, loves, and even sadness.


      1. Hello, I’m good! I understand what you mean,and yeah I do that too as I did in HUSTLE and I’m a soldier.Here, I’m talking about scrutinizing,I do that at that time,when I had thought of some catchy lines straight from the heart,but then I feel a need to modify or beautify them.BTW,you have given me another idea to write for by suggesting me this…Thanks a lot!

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