I’m a soldier;

With a cool ‘n’ calm composure,

Every single day makes me bold and bolder,
I’m a soldier,
Hundreds of bullets this chest had bore,

To these traitors I swear I’ll be your eyesore,

I’ll put my molotovs in your cocktails,

Decimate your plans so that your leader fails,

I’ma be the nails in your coffins,

I’ll exterminate all of your endorphin,
Cause I’m cursed by my plight,

Till my blood drains out,till my heart dies out,I gotta fight,

To these traitors,with my hands the story of your end I’ll write,
Till y’all sustain,I won’t delight..
I gotta fight,

Till my mags run out,

Till my legs give out,

For so long these renegades,

Were been scared and afraid,

To revolt and penetrate,

But now as they’ve started to infiltrate,

I swear I’d slit throat of every man who traits,

Their slaughter costs my brothers’ bloodshed,

I swear of God I’ma agonize y’all till your bloody death,

I’m a holy sinner;

To the frontline,I’m the winner;

To all these people ,I’m their saviour,

To all these arch enemies I’m their punisher,

To the media and some scholars I’m a serial killer…

We face a lot of satires,

We are jested,while our leaders get compared with General Dyer,

I regret leaving my home,

For protecting my zone,

I regret my sisters not having me on their marriages,

I ain’t ready,not the carriages,

I regret my brothers not having me when they need,

I’m sorry but  instead I chose to bleed,

I regret my family not seeing me for years,

I’m really sorry I made decisions to spend my nights in tears,

I regret the reason my mother drears,

Mom I love you,but I live in some fears,

That I’ll see you never…

But I know,I’m a soldier;

With a cool n calm composure,

Every single day makes me bold and bolder…..


Copyright © 2017

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  1. This is wonderful. For the words, the sentiment and the sheer amount of passion, yes. But also because you have an amazing rhythm going on. The poem takes on a life of its own. I won’t lie, I read your poem twice. Once normally and then again focusing just on the rhythm. Its beautiful. Well done.

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  2. Yes there are some things worth fighting for… as a child born of people given to holocaust.. I am glad my people have one small place in the whole world … to call home… blessings to u


  3. This poem has been sublimed and contrasted so profoundly.
    Congratulations on your amazing artwork.
    It’s a real good work.
    Keep working.
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