Seeing With My Eyes

Seeing with these eyes,

Such an experience…

Everymorning,it’s such a surprise,

Everyday, surplus of Felicity gets another surpass,

Seems so alluring….

Dewdrops on the grass,

Snowcaps at Drass,

Gardens of berries of rasps,

The lingo of nature, me infallibly grasps,

The fiesta of nature,my eyes traps,

Chances to behold this Vista me grabs,
The rainbows,from red to violet,

Oh,we don’t miss a thing while we spoil it,

Many of us do toil it,

May these spoilers ne’er foil it,

For the engine to go smooth,we gotta oil it….

Seeing with these eyes,everything seems so beautiful,

Such a thing I behold,

With a world of many stories untold,

Of the stone on riverbed that rolled,

Or the lavas that explode,

A massive ball that rolls while it holds,

All of these heavy loads,

All these curvey roads,

Seeing with my eyes,everything seems so beautiful..