The Persuit of Greed

He breaks his back,

Piles some coins,notes in some stack,

Fulfills all those ambitions,

Get ’em  done,the only pretention,

Works like hell,

Till he’s no more a swell,

Day in and day out,

Diligently,undoubtedly without a doubt.
More he attains,on more does he claims,

More he’s avid,the more deceits,

More he got the clutch,less he gets the pain of such–

Skimps in rags from tattered huts.
Spends whole life, working for something,

Just to have and take it away,

Body ‘n’ soul does,not the wealth fills the coffin,

Walks around pushing back his desk,

Wearing paychecks like necklaces ‘n’ bracelets,

Trying to be some bomb to someone’s bullets,

To a molecule,he’s some droplets,
Would he still aspire for more,

When everyone’s left mournin b’hind,

Stopped are the functioning of heart ‘n’ mind,

“I must be laid down on a bed of roses”

“I’d love an adieu with poetries and proses”

Then with some sad tone the casket closes,

Soul ‘n’ almighty towards each other approaches,

For the final holding….

The chapter of the life flashes,

Dreams of eternity burn into ashes,

The plane of prosperity badly crashes,

The remains now found in the trashes,

Or on the nostalgic headstone…

Faithfulness to him depreciated,

Nothing never done appreciated,

God ain’t satisfied,

Could’ve done better,

But they don’t seem to deem so deep,

Nothing left to aspire,but all the stuff to rue..

-Written by–

Anugrah Mishra

Copyright © 2017

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  1. Reblogged this on Brave and Reckless and commented:
    I must admit that I generally am not a big fan of poetry that rhymes. It can feel overworked and contrived. I think though, that Anugrah Mishra has some raw talent, a lot a swag, and rhymes like a rapper. I’ll be interested to see how he evolves.


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