People came,people went, Their presence existed, As the savour, Of the sweetest pulps, Poured by life. People came,people went, Not too far,but yet not close, Not to dear,but yet very near, And all it ever took was the thread I call ‘affection’, To bind so many pages in an empty book, In the book I […]

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Hello! So it’s been a while since I’ve started bloggin’… And now I feel like answering your questions.So any questions you have can be dropped down in the comment section and I’ll answer them all in my next post! Cheers,Anugrah Mishra! #AskAm #QnA_with_AM

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Appreciation is Addiction, Applauds are addiction, Sometimes it’s you, Sometimes it’s me, The claps do it all for free, But sometimes nobody, No ovations and no curtain calls, As I don’t always blow my shot, And  now is that sickening loathe? That encroaches the place, Where I had love for my own thing, Is that […]

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Noxious Wonder

Isn’t that the essence which sweetens the bane in your blood? Isn’t that the pestilence of that baneful cascade? Which will drag you to the ditch of darkish white death, Isn’t that your conscience’s slumber which is swallowing you, The inferno that incinerates your soul,yet it sounds cool,  Water that quenches your  thirst and all […]

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And I won’t

And I won’t pricetag my integrity, For a paycheck I don’t really deserve, And I won’t showcase my soul’s morality for sale, In this  ruthless market where even the bodies are sold, And I won’t vend my conscience, In this cartel we call ‘world’,just to earn a damn in disguise, And I won’t ever feel […]

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The Morning Sun

And when I get back to reality, From my phantasms of sweet divinity, From my reveries of relaxing reposes, My somnolent and slumberous head continues to gaze, The sublime serenity of shiny sun behind the vague haze, I don’t find a reason to whine on such a statuesque scene, And I’m an allured aesthetic to […]

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