And I won’t

And I won’t pricetag my integrity, For a paycheck I don’t really deserve, And I won’t showcase my soul’s morality for sale, In this  ruthless market where even the bodies are sold, And I won’t vend my conscience, In this cartel we call ‘world’,just to earn a damn in disguise, And I won’t ever feel […]

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The Morning Sun

And when I get back to reality, From my phantasms of sweet divinity, From my reveries of relaxing reposes, My somnolent and slumberous head continues to gaze, The sublime serenity of shiny sun behind the vague haze, I don’t find a reason to whine on such a statuesque scene, And I’m an allured aesthetic to […]

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The End

The savour of fruits still remains in my mouth, but the bitterness of words demolishes the clouds and wrings the snow counting the pebbles. But you never told me why you deceived me, why with pain and injustice did you desire to say that the end always in tears is cast to flames. ~ Dimitris […]

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Fuel to Fire

And I don’t, Weep these tears, Until they don’t leave scars, On my face, So I can remember. And let ’em fuel my fire,  ~Anugrah Mishra (Please like and comment, tell me how you find this) This time for 70 likes, please don’t disappoint me!

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The Apple

And one more apple fell, From the tree where it was dwelling, The gardener picked it up… ~Anugrah Mishra ~~Please like and comment and tell me how you find this haiku

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The fireplace was eager to put a fullstop, in the sentence where the road of my dreams stuck upon the word of happiness with sparkles of wet logs I collected from the inside of me that I dared to turn to ashes. ~Dimitris P. Kraniotis

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A stabbed and a strangled heart, Keep weeping in wilderness of willows, Yearning the warmth of loving embraces, May the flame keeps burrnin’,in the Savage storm of dark desperation, When blackness has plundered all deliriums away, An imbecile eccedentesiast,is all I am, I keep hurting myself, Shall he still be ‘live? When no sunshine Sparks […]

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