The Geriatric’s Torment

A Rhapsody of hinges’ creek, Is all to amuse a soul dark and bleek, Fixating out of the window,in hope of a hello, Why am I made to forbear this excruciating woe, This is William’s sixth age, Sans world,sans everything, Can’t even see the cajole world bypassing, Waiting for death while dying everyday, See my […]

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Rabbit Race

You desire what you’re coerced to,not what you dream of, You dream of what you’re made to,not what you believe in, It’s the world full of lankies hitting rock bottom, Some nillionaires with million dream,  Some pockets with no pennies hounding a  heavy balance, Trying to breakout the boulevard of broken dreams, Says the world […]

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The Tranquilizer

#first_haiku_attempt They gather guts taking bottles down,evaniscing all the grumbles all the frowns. The heart spits what’s in it Maybe that’s why they call it ‘spirit’. –ANUGRAH MISHRA Copyright © 2017|All rights reserved| (Please like and comment,I would love to hear suggestions from your side, since it’s my first haiku attempt..😀😀😀)

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 I Rose Again

In the amidst of misprisions and dispairs,do I drown; Dig me down,I’ll be rising ten feet above the ground; I’m restless,can’t sit back and chill till I ain’t crowned; Life’s too short,I can’t waste it just sitting around; There’s lot more to achieve ‘n’ hunt like a hound; If I’m on the turnpike,I’m a pitbull off […]

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The Nearby Mosque

With the break of the dawn, Some melody makes it’s presence, The prayers of the holy man, Dips the whole town in a sweet essence, The daily first call  of azaan, From the green mosque nearby, Spoke their devotion with cries of Allah, Which made me flow by, But today no calls,no cries, Seems everything […]

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What Was My Fault?

I’m a bird; This morning I woke up with my life wrecked with my whacked nest, Everything got wasted, my love,my time and everything that I did invest, Was it a nightmare? Or a reality? If it was,then who did this cruelty? My eggs are broken down,my nest tattered lying on the ground, What was my […]

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World of Delusions

With another morning sun,has your mind awaken you, Never mind wherever your imagination has taken you, To some foreign lands,are your thoughts taking you, Before the time these clocks would be waking you…. Maybe to heaven,or to the hell,guesses I’m making few, Maybe enlightening you,no grumble,no rue, Or they’re warning you,your deeds might be due, […]

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