In the end,it will be your memories, Who’ll burn you alive,it will be your memories, Who’ll  extinguish this living hell… ~~Anugrah Mishra~~ (Let’s Target for 45 likes,please,and tell me how you find this haiku) Advertisements

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Who Cares?

Who cares if one more light goes down, In a sky of a million stars, It flickers,flickers… Who cares if someone’s time runs out, In a moment is all we are, We’re quicker, quicker… ~Chester Charles Bennington

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“A Random Thought”

“People do rest in peace, Why don’t they live in peace” “People leave a legacy, Why don’t they live a legendary legacy” “People express deep regards in orbituaries, “Why don’t they do the same before,might a life would’ve been saved” ____________________________ ~~~AM ____________________________

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Words from a thoughtful mind are infinite, And every word has another galaxy in it, Either  fallacy or  rigid reality, The backspace knows how much I write and my credibility, Verses from a thoughtful mind are infinite, figments from the corners of my cranium infallibly do I depict,  lines put together forming a poetry sublime, […]



 In the smoke of blitz and dust of dynamite , In a nebulous and a dusky sight, Did I see a darkling figure, There was no sign of fear of guns or any quiver, Forth I saw a bulky cannon and a long gun, A helmet, soldier’s outfit and a rifle had the shadow done, […]



May your smile never fade, Throughout your life,may avenues offer their shade, May your life be a fantasy and you be the ‘Grinning Bonnie’, Thanks a lot for support favoured upon me, Twenty-four not out,seventy six to go… Let no one be left as a foe, May you be living so long, May your life […]

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The Coin 

I keep tossing the coin, And it keeps Fickling it’s face; Every moment I see a new visage,and I keep beholding with craze, It doesn’t happen when it has fallen to the land, Nor when I pick it and hold it up in my hand, But a zebra can never change it’s freckles, So does […]

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