I’d still be staring, If things fall apart, Just as I am, When they’re refusing firmly, Or when they started…


Saw dreams,when world was asleep. There are things I have,but I can’t keep. ~AM

With you

Whenever a figment flies me far somewhere, Wise-man’s friend,hold me back with you. When a fire sets my heart ablaze,…


Could’ve never skipped committing sins, In the shining spectre of the sun, But I forgot to make amends. ~AM


~~ There’s one flair I’ve flawlessly done, Now I’ve repelled myself from every expectation. ~~~


There’s one favor you can do for yourself, Dare to trust nobody but your own self. ~AM

Still No World

Seven summers and six winters, Still no word,and still no world, Eight summers and seven winters… ~AM


They dared to traverse further, But those words were abstained from freedom, In the fear of consequences. ~AM