Saw dreams,when world was asleep. There are things I have,but I can’t keep. ~AM Advertisements

With you

Whenever a figment flies me far somewhere, Wise-man’s friend,hold me back with you. When a fire sets my heart ablaze,…


Could’ve never skipped committing sins, In the shining spectre of the sun, But I forgot to make amends. ~AM


~~ There’s one flair I’ve flawlessly done, Now I’ve repelled myself from every expectation. ~~~


There’s one favor you can do for yourself, Dare to trust nobody but your own self. ~AM

Still No World

Seven summers and six winters, Still no word,and still no world, Eight summers and seven winters… ~AM


They dared to traverse further, But those words were abstained from freedom, In the fear of consequences.

The Beholder

Neither the sky or sea, Nor the moon with mystique would change, The beholder would surely do. ~Am


Inhale To fill Your soul. Inhale To fill The empty spaces. ~AM